Established in 2007, Leading Edge Geomatics specializes in remote sensing and geomatics solutions, focused on airborne digital imagery and laser (LiDAR) data acquisition. With seven aircrafts delivering quality imagery, Leading Edge Geomatics has grown into one of the largest LiDAR service provider in the country. With extensive years of combined practice in the geomatics industry, our team has successfully completed over 920 LiDAR projects throughout North America as well as national level projects in the Caribbean and Afghanistan. To date, Leading Edge Geomatics has flown over 450,000km² of LiDAR across North America.

Our ability to produce customized reports and solutions suited to our client’s needs has helped establish Leading Edge Geomatics as an industry leader in aerial surveying and geomatics services. Since opening our doors, Leading Edge Geomatics has built relationships with hundreds of clients in various industries. From forestry and utilities to mining and engineering firms, Leading Edge Geomatics continues to develop and enhance services to ensure clients receive accurate data and high-quality imagery to help reduce their operational costs and increase profitability by managing assets more efficiently.

Our Corporate Culture

Leading Edge Geomatics strongly relies on the energy and creativity of our team which is why we make every effort in building an environment that encourages innovation and cross-team collaboration, and boosts productivity. We believe that individual development is just as important as company growth, which is why we offer an incentivized program to reward performance. Prioritizing individual development is a large factor which contributes to our engaged and motivated team members. Our senior management also works with their teams and offers guidance to ensure they are utilizing their unique skills, and fully equipped to own their role. By setting a strong foundation internally, we continue to accomplish our goals and exceed the expectations of our clients.

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