While we are never fully ready for an emergency, it helps to be prepared. Having accurate, up to date topological data on affected areas can make a significant difference when facing or preparing for a state of emergency. Leading Edge surveys can offer users intelligence on flood risks and coastline characteristics that may help to save lives and infrastructure in emergency situations.

Flood Risk

Floodplains and low lying areas affected by flooding are a constant hazard. Leading Edge Geomatics can keep you ahead of potential flood zones by precisely monitoring areas that could be affected by flooding. Knowing where is going to be affected first and to what degree allows you to prioritize, and act rapidly and efficiently when facing an emergency.

Coastal Mapping

These purpose oriented specialty products are meant to give the best interpretations of the current hydrological scheme.  The result, possible water level rise studies can be studied by means of highly accurate 3D vector(s).  Topologically corrected contours are inspected individually using in-house proven generation methods. This type of product illustrates the hydrological and terrain state well above the industry standards.

Mira_Grounded_Tanker_2013_15cmcoastal mapping