ImageryLeading Edge Geomatics (LEG) LiDAR and Aerial Photo technologies offer a new and efficient method to survey airports. Beneficial for obstruction identification and updating airport plans, aerial surveys are completed faster and yield more precise results than traditional ground surveys.

Working closely with certified land surveyors experienced in traditional airport surveys, LEG is able to quickly collect accurate data on the entire airport area, as well as analyze and identify all existing and potential obstructions and hazards. Collection is faster, complete, accurate, and easy to interpret.


airportsThe traditional approach to Obstacle Limitation Surface or Obstruction Identification Surface management proves time consuming and costly. LEG is able to complete projects quickly, collecting information on every metre within the area, and providing customized deliverables within days of survey completion. An improved method of Obstacle Limitation and Obstruction Identification Surface maintenance, LEG’s LiDAR-based approach to Airport Management offers an efficient, accurate and cost-effective method for keeping your area free and clear of unsafe and illegal obstructions.

LEG’s high density airborne LiDAR data collection allows for the accurate analysis of every square metre within your aerodrome, identifying any and all existing or potential obstructions.

Additional to complete coverage of the area, LEG can provide 100% analysis of all OLS coverage, as well as customized training on products and support on analysis results. LEG is also available to coordinate field crews for flagging and management of obstacles and hazards as needed.

The traditional ground survey approach yields results that are limited in accuracy. Ground surveys are limited to short shots, and produce incomplete data as it cannot fully survey the area. Often a comprehensive edge to edge analysis is unaffordable, leaving areas of the OLS unchecked for penetrations and vulnerable to fines from authorities. Working with experienced professional engineers, LEG’s surveys help to remediate all obstructions and maintain safe operations and navigation within the airport.

Development / Planning / Expansion

DEMAs your airport expands and changes, it is important to consider existing structures and land characteristics in surrounding areas. Aerial surveys offer an efficient and effective method of collecting important data for your airport plans and modifications. Whether your plans involve expansion or an alteration, LEG can perform a thorough survey, produce highly accurate data, provide analyses, and offer extensive support on deliverables.