Forest Management Solution



Leading Edge Geomatics (LEG) has developed a Forest Management Solution that offers forestry professionals a combination of forest metrics and terrain data.  By integrating Enhanced Forest Inventory (EFI) with LiDAR Terrain and Surface products the Forest Management Solution can lead to an improved Forestry_Overviewmanagement strategy, an increase in efficiency for operations on the ground and an overall cost reduction to operations.

Enhancing landbase knowledge with our Forest Management Solution can help forestry managers and operators:

• Lower operational cost
• Identify high-value wood products
• Analyze variation in forest growth and performance
• Increase safety
• Reduce negative environmental impacts
• Predict accurate forest metrics accounting for micro stand variability across the landbase
• Improve ability to detect change across the landbase

The cost of a Forest Management Solution is comparable to traditional inventory methods, with a lower overall cost of ownership. Existing clients have experienced return of initial investment after 18 months.

LEG offers hands on training to assist clients with integration of the Forest Management Solution products into their daily processes. With access to extensive knowledge and expertise, clients are able to maximize efficiency and devote resources to areas that require their unique attention.



Enhanced Forest Inventory


EFI Trio

LEG’s EFI is the forest metric component of the Forest Management Solution. The EFI is developed by combining spectral and LiDAR data with integral forest data, collected using LEG’s specified process.

With LiDAR, a GIS based forest inventory is no longer dependent on stand estimates and assumptions of uniform forest composition. In most natural forests, for example, micro stand variation can be difficult to account for. LEG’s EFI measures forest metrics every 400m² (20m x 20m cell) across the client’s landbase, thereby increasing the ability to detect small changes within forested stands.

EFI Forest Metrics

• Height
• Base to Live Crown
• Basal Area
• Quadratic Mean Diameter
• Density
• Volume
• Diameter Distribution
• Cover Type

LEG’s EFI forest metrics are delivered rapidly and yield more accurate results than traditional forest inventory methods. Our innovative team continually works with clients to derive new metrics to enable our solution.

Leading Edge Geomatics currently produces more than 25 different forest metrics which can be predicted and delivered to client specifications.

Brochure: LEG Forest Management Solution

Video: LEG Forest Management Solution and Enhanced Forest Inventory


LiDAR Terrain & Surface

Terrain Quad

LiDAR Terrain & Surface products are combined with integral forest data from the EFI to produce the Forest Management Solution.

LiDAR Terrain & Surface products allow operations planning to become more efficient and more effective. LiDAR products reveal terrain to operations planners like no other form of GIS information can. The locations of challenging terrain, streams, and water bodies are no longer estimates.

LiDAR Surface & Terrain Products

• Intensity Imaging
• Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
• Digital Surface Model (DSM)
• Canopy Height Model
• Hillshade
• Slope
• Aspect
• Contours
• Streams
• Wet Areas Mapping (WAM)

Using LiDAR products, harvesting supervisors and contractors can have the field information and plans they need to safely and efficiently conduct operations.



Forest Management Benefits

Benefits Duo

Operational Benefits

Our Forest Management Solution presents an innovative opportunity to improve:

Road planning and design
• Accurate detection and analysis of challenging terrain, slope and water courses

Silvicultural planning
• Enhanced knowledge of forest growth, allows optimal time of entry and an increased ability to identify micro stand variation

Harvest planning
• Precise block and road layout, and identification of sensitive ecological areas

Wet Areas Mapping
• A more detailed analysis of surface water, streams and water bodies

Wildlife Management
• Detailed forest metrics identify forest structures and variability for more accurate assessment of wildlife habitat and population

Landbase Management
• Improved ability over time to detect changes in forest growth and harvest removal

Potential Cost Benefits

With an increase in operational efficiency, Forest Managers can expect to see an improvement in operational costs. The Forest Management Solution is comparable to traditional inventory methods, with a lower overall cost of ownership.