Leading Edge Geomatics moves headquarters to Fredericton, New Brunswick

Suite 205, 371 Queen Street, Fredericton, NB E3B1B1

[Fredericton, NB, Canada]: Leading Edge Geomatics, a Novacap portfolio company, has today announced the relocation of its headquarters to Fredericton, New Brunswick. This move enables the company to centralize its operations and expand its footprint across North America.

“Downtown Fredericton has a growing tech scene that we’re excited to now be part of,” said Charles Miller, president and chief executive officer of Leading Edge Geomatics. “We can’t wait to integrate the city’s vibrant atmosphere with our own company culture so that clients, visitors, and our team get the most out of the new space and the surrounding area.”

The news of the relocation also comes in the wake of the company’s growing workforce. Leading Edge Geomatics recently hired Brian Shride, director of sales and marketing, to expand the company’s sales reach across North America, developing strategic partnerships throughout multiple industries including utilities, forestry, coastal mapping, and emergency management services.

“Bringing Brian on board exemplifies our continued commitment to providing a best-in-class customer experience,” Miller said. “Further developing our sales and marketing outreach will ultimately bring more opportunities for strengthened support and collaboration with our clients.”

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About Leading Edge Geomatics:

Founded in 2007, Leading Edge Geomatics is one of the largest independent aerial LiDAR services companies in North America. With multiple aircraft and advanced aerial sensors, LEG customizes solutions and data requirements to various client needs. LEG has expertise in numerous industries including utilities, forestry, and coastal mapping, helping clients convert complex problems into comprehensive metrics. Specializing in LiDAR and photogrammetric solutions, LEG has been able to grow a large profile across North America, the Caribbean, and around the world. LEG is continuously working to improve quality and to find new applications to provide better services for their clients within this fast-paced industry.